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Father Daughter Dance

This isn’t my normal type of photography, but when my sister called and asked for “a few shots before they leave for the dance” I hit this creative urge.  At every wedding there is such suspense and anticipation while the bride is getting ready.  There’s the rush for make up and gathering of jewelry.  I know my sweet niece was feeling a similar jittery excitement as her mom rolled her hair and swiped on her mascara.  So far, this may have been one of the most exciting days of her life.  My niece shares her awesome daddy with two brothers and her mom, but for this night, she had his undivided attention.  The experience wasn’t just about a pretty dress and a dance, but about being treated special and going on a date with dad.  He even brought her a dozen roses and opened the door for her.  I wanted to add to the excitement and also capture the innocent, special moments of their evening.


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  1. Sharon Haile says:

    These are so sweet.

    • photographyanddesignbyjenny@gmail.com says:

      Thank you Sharon! It was so much fun working on these photographs!