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Greenville, SC Wedding Photography | Mrs. Taylor Carr | Bridal Session

Congratulations to Jacob & Taylor Carr!  They were married Saturday in Gaffney, SC!  Taylor, her mom, and I did her bridal portraits back in March with beautiful spring blooms!  We started at Furman then went to Bald Rock, a special request.  Brides, I can’t say this enough, choose a location that fits you!  The moment we set foot on Bald Rock, I could see Taylor completely relax and feel at home.  She’s an adventurous, athletic person.  She spent many evenings on the rock watching sunsets, counting stars, and taking in nature.  My favorite images are of her on the beautiful rock face.

Photography & Design By JennyPhotography & Design By JennyGreenville-SC-Bridal-Furman-Photographer-1Greenville-SC-Bridal-Furman-Photographer-2

Bald Rock, Cleveland, SCPhotography & Design By JennyPhotography & Design By JennyGreenville-SC-Bridal-Furman-Photographer-3Photography & Design By JennyPhotography & Design By JennyPhotography & Design By Jenny

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  1. Julie Bertrand Carr says:

    Gorgeous pictures! Gorgeous bride!

  2. Charlie Carr says:

    I would vote for her!!