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Taylors Mill Photography | Russell Family

Meet the Russell family!  Little Grady was born on my son’s due date, my Eli waited 5 more days to arrive!  As a matter of fact, I believe Jeff and I were in the same birthing class as Courtney and Erik!  We met up at Taylors Mill for their indoor area then added their dogs, Rawling and Lacy, for outside portraits!  Grady is growing so big and strong so fast-we had to catch it on camera!  Erik, Courtney and Grady were so fun to photograph!  They played with Grady to get his natural giggles and relaxed and enjoyed themselves.  I loved Courtney’s navy, red, and white outfit selection so much I’ve considered copying it for my own family photos!!  This family has blessed my life with a fresh perspective by their grateful and optimistic hearts!  Enjoy!!


Press play below to view their slideshow!

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  1. Linda Wilson says:

    Love all these photos. You captured them perfectly!! They truly are amazing & inspiring to all of us!