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Greenville, SC Engagement Photography | Jordan and Chandler

I’m so excited to introduce Jordan and Chandler on my blog!!  They have actually been on it before!  Get this, Jordan was a lovely bridesmaid in Elizabeth and Alex’s wedding and Chandler was a dashing groomsman in Kansas and Josh’s wedding last year!  When it came time for their engagement session they already knew me and how things roll!  We just jumped right in and had a great time together!

I love it when couples come to my family’s land for photos!  It makes me feel like they are family because I get to share a huge part of me (aside from photography) with them.  These two are so sweet, posed or not, they go so well together and photograph adorably!  My favorite part of their session, aside from catching up, was when Chandler gave me a serious face.  I blabbered that he looked like Tim McGraw with that look!  He may have blushed, just google it!

Their wedding bells will be ringing on December 22 at Washington Baptist and we’ll be celebrating in downtown Greer at the Cannon Centre!!

That’s the Tim McGraw one (below).

I know you’ll love their engagement slideshow!  Check it out below!

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