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Classic, Rustic Bridal Portraits | Mrs. Kylie Daniel


Oh, I’m so excited to share Kylie’s bridal portraits with you!  She is a genuine, beautiful woman from the inside out!  It was such an honor to photograph Mac and Kylie’s wedding day this weekend!  Their love overflowed with every move they made!

Kylie came to my family’s land just a few weeks ago to have her bridals.  Her mom and sisters came along to help.  Everyone was so encouraging!  They even climbed through this tall field for the perfect setting to wrap up Kylie’s session.  Kylie, you are amazing and I’m so excited to see you embrace your new role as a wife!

Rustic-Boho-Bridal-Portraits-Greenville-SC-Photography Rustic-Boho-Bridal-Portraits-Greenville-SC-Photography Rustic-Boho-Bridal-Portraits-Greenville-SC-PhotographyRustic-Boho-Bridal-Portraits-Greenville-SC-Photography Rustic-Boho-Bridal-Portraits-Greenville-SC-Photography


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  1. bill rock says:

    Kylie is so beautiful! Thank you for all your hard work making our special day a success.

    • photographyanddesignbyjenny@gmail.com says:

      She is a true beauty! It was an honor to serve your family!