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Taylors Mill Greenville SC Engagement | Christy + Davis

It is so special to me to be able to introduce Christy and Davis!!  These two met at work shortly after graduating college.  Which I think is awesome because of all the places a new graduate can land a job they got one at the same place!!  They were friends for a while until Davis decided it was time to take the leap!  That was three years ago and now they are planning their wedding!!  This past week, they vacationed on the coast then came up to Greenville, SC for their Engagement Session at Taylors Mill!  Christy and Davis are beautiful together and so much fun to spend time with and photograph!!

My favorite story they shared about each other was told by Christy.  “Before Davis and I were dating, he invited me to go to a concert outside of Chicago with his friends. After the concert, we needed to take the train back to the city. Davis is originally from Chicago and I was still new to the city, so he took the lead on navigating. We settled into the train ride back to Chicago, but were so caught up in conversation that it wasn’t until we got to Wisconsin that we realized we had taken the train the wrong direction. It was midnight and before Uber, so we had to call a cab to drive us from Wisconsin back to Chicago. We laughed a lot and I still giggle every time I think about that night, needless to say – it was memorable.”  Doesn’t that make your heart melt!?

Davis shared one that was a bit more humorous. Davis knew he liked Christy when she gave him a ride to Six Flags Great America. There was heavy traffic and Christy was in no mood to be patient with other drivers. When they arrived at the amusement park, Davis was doubled over in laughter and Christy red in the face. It was love at first road rage.

I’m so looking forward to their October wedding at Overbrook Presbyterian Church and Indigo Hall in Spartanburg, SC!!  They’ll have family and friends coming from all over!  It will be such a cool time of year to show off the Greenville-Spartanburg area.

Aren’t they amazing together!?!!

These are my favorite of them laughing with each other!!

We were all holding our breath and trying to stand really still for the ring shot below.  They took turns holding the flower as I photographed her diamond ring.  Teamwork!!

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