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Greenville, SC Engagement Photography | Meghan + Jackson

I’m not sure what type of countdown to marriage you do when you meet and fall in love in eighth grade, but these two are doing it!!  Meghan and Jackson met in eighth grade keyboarding class and have been by each other’s side ever since!  For their Engagement Session they came to my family’s land.  They were so fun to photograph- such naturals together!!

During their Engagement Session, Jackson told me about his proposal.  They were in downtown Greenville having dinner at Jianna.  Jackson called a few friends and family to celebrate with them after he proposed and a few friends showed up early and were hiding in the bushes around the restaurant while they ate.  It made Jackson a little nervous, but Meghan didn’t notice the suspicious behavior.  As usual, they ordered dessert and had a message on the plate in chocolate syrup.  This message was very special!  “Will you marry me?”  Meghan was so surprised!  Of course, she said yes to her middle school sweetheart!  Family and friends gathered around and celebrated with them!

They’ll be celebrating their marriage next Spring at Huguenot Loft!  I’m so excited to work alongside Katie Williams Events for their special wedding experience!!

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