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Heirloom Albums | Alyssa + BJ

I’m so excited to share about Alyssa and BJ’s Heirloom Album and Laurenda’s Heirloom Album (BJ’s Mother).  Lets go back to a time where it was 2019’s fall wedding season, there was no worldwide pandemic, not a single wedding was canceled, and we were all gathered together to celebrate Alyssa and BJ!  Those were such good times.  Thursday, Alyssa posted pictures of her album on Instagram as she flipped through and reminisced…it is crazy how quickly life can change.  You never know when you’ll need to reach for your Heirlooms to take you back to a better day.

Now about their albums, Alyssa and BJ have such strong relationships with their people and had so many joyful moments on their wedding day we knew their albums would be grand.  Alyssa and BJ’s album is the gray (fog-shimmer) linen album shown below.  It is the 12×12 with 50 thick pages.  They chose the cameo cover which really shows out on the 12×12 – I’m in LOVE!!!

We kept with a clean, crisp design that brings the viewer’s attention to each individual image.  There are so many images that will prompt stories as Alyssa and BJ share their album with family and guests in their home.  Some moments were so epic they required their own full spread.  *See below*  Next up, I’ll tell you more about Laurenda’s Album!

Laurenda is BJ’s Mother!  I explain just how amazing their family is in this post.  Laurenda’s Heirloom Album is a 10×10 leather (Monsoon) with the square cameo option.  Her album is filled with 50 thick pages of her own custom design.  I try very hard to photograph a wedding through many perspectives, not only a bride and groom’s.  It was enlightening to me to design an album through a mother of the groom’s eyes picking out their moments and special people to highlight that she would feel most connected to.  Alyssa and Rena (Laurenda’s daughter) were so helpful with this part!  For example, in the page below Laurenda needs to be able to go back and look at this progression of images of her and her baby on his wedding day.

Oh, take me back to their wedding Experience!

Their Biltmore House Proposal

Downtown Greer Engagement

The Loom Wedding Day

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